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Behind the Curtain: Our 2-Year Journey with XUUTBOX

In an ever-evolving landscape of visual storytelling, we realized that existing solutions fell short of meeting the demands of the market. And so, the journey of XUUTBOX began.


PHOTO: The moment of awe-the first time we laid eyes on the folded XUUTBASE. #XUUTBOXJourney


It all started with us-our team at HAVADRID Std.

A few years back, we found ourselves in a pickle. As we embarked on designing another groundbreaking product, we craved the ability to capture photos with special effects. The market, however, offered no solution that aligned with our vision. This sparked the idea for XUUTBOX, a solution born out of our own creative needs.

Studio Background:

Let us take you behind the scenes. We are HAVADRID STUDIO, a passionate team based in Madrid, Spain, with over 15 years of experience crafting innovative products. Not just developers, we’re dreamers, creators, and problem solvers. Our studio has been the birthplace of solutions that have left a mark in various industries.

XUUTBOX’s Mission:

XUUTBOX is more than a product for us; it’s a mission. We set out to democratize and redefine product photography. Why? Because we believe that creators should spend more time exploring their creativity than navigating complex setups. It’s not just a tool; it’s an extension of our passion for innovation.

Two Years of Dedication:

This journey has been a labor of love-a dedication that spans two years. Every late-night brainstorming session, every iteration, was fueled by our commitment to bringing you a tool that goes beyond expectations.

Democratizing Product Photography:

Picture this: a perfect, customizable, and user-friendly scenario ready to unfold your creativity. That’s XUUTBOX. It’s the culmination of our dream to provide photographers and creators the freedom to focus on what truly matters-the art of visual storytelling.


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