The Creative Studio
Havadrid Std. Avda Córdoba 15, 28026, Madrid, Spain
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Havadrid Std.

Our Skills

A passion for designing,
innovating, defining, and engineering consumer products.


It's all about creation

Analysis of the market, identification of the target audience, and conceptualization of ideas.


We'll make it work

Development, prototyping, and design of advanced mechanics and electronics.


Art doesn't just happen

The study of forms and their use, selection of materials, and presentation of designs.


The right balance

Our innovation process emphasizes creating a viable product for both production and consumers.

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox
Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox
Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Our services cover
every aspect of the development process.

We are experts at designing products for the customer, and challenges are our favorite thing to solve.


Our process includes developing a product roadmap, creating a design strategy, applying a brand language, and adding innovation to make it better.

Product Design

From the concept stage to the final form, your product will be designed in terms of creativity, user experience, and engineering.

User Experience

We design where digital and physical meet. An experience that brings together all the senses in the creation of a memorable product.

Clients & Projects

Dedicated to
helping you succeed.

From industry leaders to intrepid entrepreneurs, HAVADRID STD. has provided valuable services for over 15 years. Due to our small size, we can focus on a few special projects very closely, making us very hands-on and accessible.

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Crowdfunding is in the DNA of Havadrid Std., which inspires us to take risks, value innovation, openness, and honesty, and reject tradition. Our products are better because we bring them to market through crowdfunding.


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