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World's First Portable Studio Solution

The First Portable Studio Solution

Elevate your product photography game and let XUUTBOX Studio Solution be your creative partner. Forget about those rigid, fixed-wall boxes – XUUTBOX’s unique magnetic structure gives you the freedom to create any setup you can imagine. Join the XUUTBOX revolution and experience the future of product photography today!

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XUUTBOX 🟰 Perfect Product Photos in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1.

Unfold and Assemble

The XUUTBOX Studio is designed to be incredibly easy to set up and use. The entire structure is made up of magnetized aluminum pieces that come pre-assembled and folded for easy storage. Simply unfold the pieces and connect them together – no screws or tools required!

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox
Step 2.

Create Your Setting

The beauty of XUUTBOX Studio lies in its limitless customization options. You can create an infinite number of photo setups to suit your specific needs. Simply attach the desired panels – lighting diffusers, color gels, lighting reflectors, backgrounds, etc. – using the magnetic clips. It's as easy as snapping together LEGO pieces.

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox
Step 3.

Enhancing Your Photos

The XUUTBOX Studio comes with a variety of accessories. These include hangers for suspending objects, positioning lasers for product placement, and the Backlighting and Inverted Photo Kit, which includes legs to elevate the cube and the ``ground-kissed`` tripod bringing stability to your creative setup.

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

exclusive features that have never been seen before in a light box.


custom backgrounds and panels for a unique visual experience

Available Only

Elevate your photography and videography
with XUUT SUITE's exclusive and innovative features

XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Aluminum Structure

With its aluminum structure, the XUUTBOX Studio provides exceptional rigidity, ensuring optimal stability for working environments.

– Photo Studios
– Movie or TV Production Sets
– Outdoor Film Sets
– Event Spaces
– Art Shows

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Adaptable Walls

By removing the walls and combining them, the XUUTBOX Studio can create a wide range of effects and configurations. Just imagine

– Gradient Fade
– Graffiti Art
– Metallic Shine
– Floral Patterns
– And much more

Havadrid Studio - XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Centering Laser

With XUUTBOX’s advanced laser system, achieve precise alignment and capture product images with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

– Food Plating
– Jewelry Display
– Makeup Application
– Craft Projects
– Sneaker Custom

XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Special Effects

Explore a new world of effects with XUUTBOX Studio. From water and smoke to dirt and more, bring your product photography to life like never before.

– Smoke Swirl
– Water Droplets
– Spark Shower
– Confetti Blast
– Paint Splatter

XUUTBOX Product Photography Lightbox

Backlight and Inverted Photo

Elevate your imagery with sought-after Backlight and Inverted Photo effects. Delve into a world where control meets stability, creating captivating images that redefine product photos.

– Product Photo Studios
– Craftsmen and Handymen
– Advertising and Marketing Agencies
– E-commerce
– And Much More…

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